Christmas Message 2017

From a warm and tropical country, Christmas greetings!

“Pasko” or Christmas is much anticipated in the Philippines. As early as October, Christmas carols are being played over the air waves. The decor comes out in November and stays on til end of January. They say the Philippines has the longest Christmas season.


Christmas is a time of joy.
It is a time for family gatherings and early morning masses.
Christmas is a time to share. When others have little, we who have more can share what we have.

Christmas unites people as we return to the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, the reason for the season. We should be reminded that He was born in a manger as many of our poorest live daily. No home, no food, no education but are worthy individuals.

Let us welcome those who have less in life as our own brothers and sisters. Let us share our time, talent and resources with them.
That is the true spirit of Christmas.
Let’s practice this spirit of Christmas everyday in 2018!

Nina Lim-Yuson